Upcoming Events

Past Events
Mt. Zion Homecoming Second Sunday every June 2011
Each month we meet the fourth Sunday at the Historical Museum or at an announced place.   We discuss many topics.  Join Us !
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Veterans Reunion May 2012
Miss Edna Shearman's Life Story age 93 Sept 2011
Outings to other museums 2010
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Meigs Museum
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Future  Events
or visit our Museum in Person 

200 Smith Ave. Decatur, Meigs Co, TN off Hwy 58

Meigs Co Historical Society's Meeting 
Fourth SUNDAY every month.
Bring your young-uns, teach them your heritage !
Homecomings or Reunions

Dates & Location
2nd Sunday every June, Ten Mile Hwy 68 & CR 287

Second Sat of Oct every year  Beulah Chapel Hwy 68

Second Sunday in May, Tranquility CR 305 & 220 McMinn Co

Second Sunday in July, Ten Mile, Upper Concord Rd

3rd Sunday in May Tranquility CR 305 & 220 McMinn Co

2nd Sun in June, Mother's Day  Hwy 58, Nebo Rd, Pleasant Hill Rd

1st Sunday in September

Hwy 58 & Cottonport Rd So. of Decatur

Last Sunday in April Hwy 30 on Calico Rd

4th Sunday in May off Center Point Rd

Fri-Sun 9/27-9/29/2019 Conner - Roark Reunion  294 Old Eureka Rd, Charleston, TN & Cleveland, TN

Mt. Zion Homecoming 

Wattenbarger Reunion  *

Buttram Church Homecoming *

Upper Concord Baptist Homecoming

Tranquility Homecoming *

Pleasant Hill  Baptist Church Homecoming

Goodfield Methodist Homecoming

Bethsadia  Homecoming

Concord Methodist Homecoming

Pisgah Baptist Homecoming

* = McMinn Co, but on the Co Line & related to Meigs Co Families.

Past  Events

Mt. Zion Homecoming Second Sunday every June 

4th Sunday Meetings

Just a reminder, our meetings will be held every 4th  Sunday at the Museum.    

If you have something interesting to share, PLEASE bring it or say it.

Dues are just  $5.00

Please join us for light refreshments and a reception  in our lower level of the museum.

Let us know if you need special assistance  call 334-4424.

Time & Place:  2 PM at the Meigs County Historical Museum  200 Smith Ave, Decatur, TN

Roark-Conner Reunion 9/27 - 9/29/2019   294 Old Eureka Rd, NW Charleston, TN Contact TerryLRoark@aol.com or JohanRoa4@aol.com  for more events held also in Cleveland, TN