Sharp Homestead
Little Egypt Rd & Ten Mile Rd
Elisha Sharp born 7/25/1792 TN died 12/6/1863 in Ten Mile, Meigs Co, TN.   Elisha married Elinor “Ellen” Huff who was born on 3/2/1801 TN and died 1/8/1874 in Ten Mile.  The had 9 children; David H., James, Mary, Levina C., Sarah A. Thomas P, Elisha F, Lennard J, and Ellen.   Elisha & Ellen and several of their descendants  are buried in the Sharp Cemetery.

This home was owned by Elisha Sharp and is now a private residence.   Elisha once owned about 7500 acres and many a story has been told about him.   Here is one that I have heard MANY different versions of.

Elisha was a slave owner, as he owned a lot of land and grew corn and raised cattle. He was a Confederate  Sympathizer and was too old to serve in the Civil War. So he served as a County Militia who obtained (not always nicely) supplies for the Confederacy.   Meigs Co was divided by about ½ fighting on the Northern side and ½ fighting on the Southern side.  Warrants were put out with a bounty and description on those who did not enlist. 

Well the CSA needed horses and food so he commandeered I.P. Knights mules while I.P.  was serving in the Civil War.   Leaving no way for his wife to get water to the house.   Leaving her almost destitute.  Well now when IP heard about it, he asked for leave.   When he came home he was very upset and went to Elisha 's home and called him out.  Elisha came out to the back porch (other more correct stories say front porch as that is where the road ran & runs to this day) and confronted him and they had words right there on the steps of the Kitchen.   IP pulled out his gun and shot him dead.  It is said by a visitor to the house many years ago, that the owner claims the blood could still be seen on the back porch steps if you pulled up the floor boards. 

Well most follow up this story claiming Elisha’s sons took revenge and went to IP Knights house and killed him.   This is not true as there is evidence I.P.  lived many years after this incidence.   However I could find no records of a court case on this murder.   I did however find in the eldest records held in the Meigs County Historical Museum’s vault, a records of water rights & roads concerning IP Knight & the Sharps.   And Find a with both men's grave.   Fact: IP shot Elisha.

The Sharp's story does not end here !!! 
You are invited to share your own accounts of the Sharps and we will be happy to publish them!

Also see Census Records, Meigs County Courthouse, Meigs County Historical Museum, and Eleanor Powell’s account of the Sharps.

By Joyce Knaepen 2009
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Courtesy of Meigs County Historical Museum's Road Book
Courtesy of Meigs County Historical Museum's Road Book
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