Old Churches
Mt. Zion Church, Ten Mile, TN built abt. 1828-1830
Picture by Joyce Knaepen 2009
Meigs' Old Churches

Meigs County boasts of many old churches. In this history's time frame we will concentrate on 1800-1900. Past and Present religions expand to more than just Christianity. The predominate religion in East Tennessee at this time was Christianity. Mostly Baptist, Methodist and Lutheran. We have 100's of delightful old simply built churches of our ancestors not active.  With your donations and help we can take care of them and their cemeteries. Many times if you visit our Meigs County Museum; we can put you in touch with the actual caretakers of these old churches and cemeteries. Would you not like to sit in the pew of your Great Great Great Grandfather and read the same books he did?

Below is a partial list of the older churches and a short history on each if available.

Please feel free to submit your own stories and records; we'd be happy to publish them up here.

Mt. Zion Church - Methodist Est abt 1828  and may have been also serving the Baptist

Mt. Zion Church is located I-75  to New Hwy 68 & Mt. Zion Rd (CR 287) Just before Upper Concord Rd  in Ten Mile, TN
It is a delightful church established between 1828-1830 in the Valley between Ridges near the Tennessee River.  First it was located down & across the road closer to Sewee Creek.   It was relocated and re-built later across the street uphill due to a flood or two.  To visit this website with names, dates, pictures and more; please visit our volunteer's website ...   http://knaepen.homestead.com/Mt-Zion-Cemetery.html
Homecoming is the 2nd Sunday in June each year.  Visit your ancestors and hear the stories of those still in the area or just eat the great southern food they bring and listen to the music.

Mt. Zion  is only open for Homecomings and Funerals and Special Events.  Please contact Ricky Crabtree.

Upper Concord Church - Baptist Est abt 1824

Concord Church is located just about 1 mile up the road from Mt. Zion on Upper Concord Rd, Ten Mile, TN.
It was established in about 1824 as a Baptist church by many members of Ten Mile.   Notably Isaac Fitch, who donated the land and the Wattenbargers who were among the first attendants and Rev Hiram Brandon, who preached there; even though he was a Methodist.  Contact Mr. Ayers.  Here is a link to their oldest book of establishment and by laws. Pg 1    PG 2

This church is referred to the Upper Concord Church as there are 2 by the same name near-bye.   These lovely people have kept the early original book of records of families and events for future generations and genealogists to view.

Ten Mile Missionary Baptist Est 1870

Ten Mile Missionary Baptist is located up a few mile off New Hwy 68 up off  Hwy 58 on Ten Mile Rd.  Look at the sign posted next to the church to see your families that served there.  No cemetery anymore yet lots of history..

Other Churches to be added

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Abt. 1900
Pisgah Church Est 1818

Pisgah Church  is located off Hwy 58 & Center Point Rd at 486 Pisgah Academy Rd in Peakland.   It is the Oldest Church in Meigs County.  It was rebricked in 1975 and has lovely stain glass windows.

Fisher's Chapel

Fisher's Chapel was located in Ten Mile, and was distroyed by wind.   If you know of any more information please let us know.   Picture was donated by Wayne Billings.

or Joyce
Beta Chapel

Beta Chapel is located in Big Springs.   If you know of any more information please let us know. 

Big Springs

Big Springs is located in Big Springs..   If you know of any more information please let us know. 

Sewee Baptist Church

Sewee is located ...   If you know of any more information please let us know.