History of Meigs County, Tennessee
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Ten Mile Stand
Mrs. Edna Sherman's Collection
   Meigs County, Tennessee

Meigs County was incorporated in 1836 out of predominately  McMinn, Roane and Rhea  Counties. It was shortly before the Hiwassee Purchase/Treaty that we began to see settlers setting up homesteads and trades.  Roads had to be developed, land donated for churches, the courthouse and the jail built. Many of our families took these tasks upon themselves and were never acknowledged.  Here we hope to rectify that...

New Meigs 3rd County Courthouse 1904
Meigs County 2nd Courthouse                    burned on the night of April 2, 1902
Meigs County's 2nd Courthouse built in 1882                           picture taken in 1889
Ten Mile Stand       Store
Miss Edna Shearman's Collection                        Ten Mile Rd by Sewee Creek & Bridge
Ten Mile

Ten Mile was originally called Ten Mile Stand on the early census records.  Some say it was called Ten Mile Stand because the river was about 10 miles long, some say due it was about 10 miles from Decatur, some say it being the Ten Mile Stand of Tree Ridge, and only one saying it was the 10 mile stand against the local Indians.  Who Knows? This community has subdivisions called Regret, Red Cloud, Erie, Little Egypt Holloand and Surprise.   The story goes; as a salesman stated,.".He was in a Valley of Tranquility, and then traveled a hard journey to a place of Surprise; where he found refuge.  He regretted to leave such beautiful lands and had such named the next area Regret".  Yes, this story is told many different ways.  

There's a song called "Ten Mile, Tennessee"  written by David Summer..

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The county seat hosts a courthouse, library, historical museum, post office and many restaurants and stores. Meigs County documented the Cherokee Removal and has many records of names of those removed and persons involved in the removal. The county history is still being documented today at the museum in Decatur.
Meigs County  Building  before...
Brandon-Blackwell Homestead 
Upper Concord Rd, Ten Mile, TN.   Built about 1825 +  -    Picture taken about 1975 
Mrs. Patricia Crabtree's Collection

Swafford Store near Iron Bridge Upper Concord 
Fifth from Left Gid Redman.  Sixth from left  Cain Ford
Mrs. Patricia Crabtree's Collection

Newton's Cabin off Upper Concord Rd
By Joyce Knaepen 2009
Towns of Meigs Co
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Aikman Crossroad
Big Spring
Blythes Ferry
Boggess Crossroad
Breedenton (Stewart's Landing)
Cotton Port
Cross Keys
Forest Grove

Hester Mills
Hunters Bluff
Hurricane Ridge
Kellys Ferry
Kincannons Ferry
Maple Grove
Moores Crossroads
Pine Land
Pin Hook
Pleasant Hill

Ten Mile
Ten Mile Stand
Tuckers Ferry
Turkey Pen
Union Grove
Walnut Grove
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Little Egypt Hollow
Deer crossing Sewee Creek
Twin Eagles Ranch
The Sharp's House  
More towns to come....
The dog
Doctors of Meigs County
Able, William J
Alan, Jonathan C
Allen, Rosco
Allen, Russell
Arrants, Nathan Absolum
Arrants, Thomas
Ashley, E L
Blevins, Alfred G
Breeden, Samuel G
Britton, B F
Campbell, J C
Campbell, James W
Chambers, Thomas P
Clark, John M
Clark, Marion Columbus

Hauser, James A
Hickman, John B JR.
Hodge, Ambrose W
Holloway, D W
Honeywell, ?
Hutsell, Jesse G
Kalayjean, Robert
King, Aaron J
Kitts, J H
Knox, Printice
Lillard, John Mason
Lindsey, ?
Martin, Bob
Mathews, G A
McKnight, Jerry T
Clemison, George N
Collins, Enoch
Davis, William
Dunham, Med
Everett, John C
Floyd, John H
Friddell, ?
Fritts, J H
Gallaher, Augustus
Gallaher, David Alexander
Gilbert, E D
Godsey. Abraham I
Goodner, James G
Grant, Wilber Moses
Hargas, ?

McNabb, Nathaniel P
Merritt, J H
Parker, John H
Parsons, Carolyn
Peak, Wilburn Moses
Rockholt, Torbet
Scott, John
Shipley, E S
Shipley, John T
Spradling, Lewis
Taylor, Stephens
Wade, M A
Wann, Johathan C
Wilhelm, W L

Swafford & Ten Mile Stand Store
might be the same store with a different front.    Both are noted to be  in  Ten Mile, on Ten Mile Rd. east of the creek.  Gid Redmond is in both picutres.
If you visit the libraries and historical museums of these counties you will see much more history and actual letters of these doctor's endeavors.
Here is a partial list of our healers....
Walnut Grove School
Denise Rily's Collection
Meigs Museum Now...