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Family Homesteads 1800's
Blackwell Homestead
The Blackwells lived in the areas of Ten Mile, Upper  Meigs Co, Lower Monroe Co, East Roane Co, North Rhea Co & West  McMinn Co from about 1820-1938.   William Blackwell and his wife Eliza Dines established their home on what is now Upper Concord Rd in Ten Mile about 1830.  He built a log cabin that stood 'till about 1945 -1980 until John Walker Redmond and then his grandson Ricky Redmond Crabtree rebuilt a nicer more modern home and left just a bit of the old log cabin & smoke house to stand.   William's family lived on both sides of the ridge from Little Egypt Holler to Hwy 68.  They were a family that built our churches and both Removed the Indians and were Removed because they married Indians.   You won't find the Blackwell in much of Godspeed's History because they were modest folks.  William died in Dec of 1859 leaving a young widow with at least 7 children, just before The War.  In 1870 they can be found in Sparta, White Co, TN, only to return to their beloved Ten Mile after The War.  William Blackwell had a Brother and Son named Alfred.  His son Alfred Veal Blackwell served in the CSA Civil war from start to finish, much in Northern Prison Camps.  This Blackwell family is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, all in a row, some with unreadable tombstones, some very predominant right next to the church.
Brandon  Homestead
The Brandons lived in the areas of Ten Mile, Meigs Co, Monroe Co, Roane Co, Rhea Co & McMinn Co from about 1820-1940.  Rev. Hiram B. Brandon was the most famous and beloved Reverend.  He married Louisa Spradling-Wade and 4 beget daughters, perhaps a son or more by previous marriage.  Oddly Rev Hiram, his wife Louisa and all of his daughters have no records of burial.  Louisa's sons by Wade are buried in Tranquility except for one who died at at Murfreesboro, TN
Wattenbarger  Homestead
The Wattenbargers  lived in the areas of Ten Mile, Meigs Co, Monroe Co, Roane Co, Rhea Co & McMinn Co from about 1820-Present.  The 3 predominant brothers were Peter, William & Michael.  These Wattenbargers are descended from Widow Wuertemberger who immigrated in 1751 from Germany to PA.  William Wattenbarger lived beget John H. Wattenbarger who beget Hiram Wattenbarger named for his grandfather Rev. Hiram B. Brandon.  They are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery.
Griffith   Homestead
The Griffith family still lives on Hwy 58 and the old home and it's history still stands and is spoken of.   This home was built it 1850 and is known for the James Turk Griffith family and Miss Edna.
Sharp   Homestead
The Sharp family has a very interesting story of Civil War times and the house that is still standing and the cemetery down on Little Egypt Hollow Rd.  Please submit more....

Davis   Homestead
The House still stands.  Their history spans over a century.  Please submit more...
Bell   Homestead
The Bell family of Jesse Bell married Manerva Blackwell and lived next door to the Blackwells/Brandons/Wattenbargers on what is now Upper Concord Rd, Ten Mile, TN.  Durring the Civil War they moved to Sparta, White Co , TN with James Blackwell.   These Bells are of no relation to the famous Bell Witch Story that we know of.  Yet these Elder Bells lived for quite some time in Ten Mile Area.
Thompson Homestead
The Thompson Homesteads are many.   Some on Fitch Lane, Some on Upper Concord Rd.   Contact Ronnie Thompson or visit his extensive websites to see more.
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Ten Mile Stand was Subdivision 22 in 1850
Ten Mile Stand was Dist 7 in 1870
Assessors'  Records with Neigboring Families
Neil Homestead
The Neil family has extensive storyies and the house that is still standing.   Please submit more....

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Meigs Museum
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Keylon  Homestead
Upper Meigs off Hwy 58, Mitchell Rd to Ten Mile Rd.   More to come.

Senaboy  Homestead
Upper Meigs off Hwy 58, Mitchell Rd to Ten Mile Rd.   More to come.

Billings Homestead
Upper Meigs in Surprise.   More to come.