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I Put My Shoes Away

I told you I was sick

Here lies nobody

Not dead but sleeping

Killled by a Rebel Tory

List of Cemeteries in Meigs Co 
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Adams and Brickell
Baker Moulton
Baker Family
Beech Springs
Birchwood Baptist
Birchwood Methodist (Church of  God)
Blevins and Correll
Burketts Chapel
Concord (Upper-Ten Mile)
Cross Keys or Euchee
Culvahouse - Butler
Deatherage or Pickle
Doughty Family
Eastview Baptist or New McDonald
Five Point Church
Forest Grove
Gamble or Evans
Godsey 1
Godsey 2
Goodfield Methodist 1
Goodfield Upper Baptist 2
Good Hope
Gravelly Hill or Roberts
Hickory Flat, Eggshell or Peakland
Hinkle Family
Hornsby Chapel
Houser or Howser
Hunter Community
Hunter or Thomas
Johnson, Finley, Thompson
McPherson S.E.
Maple Grove
Moore Private
Moore Family
Mountain View Memorial Garden
Mount Carmel
Mount Olivet United Methodist Church
Mount Wesley and Griffith
Mount Zion
Oak Grove
Peak - Hornsby
Pleasant Hill Baptist
Pleasand Hill United Methodist
Plemmons Place
Ragland and Baldwin
Ray (Rhea)
Reed, Neil & Webb
Roberts or Graverly (Old Pleasant Hill)
Rocky Springs
Runyan - Hayes
Sewee or Turkey Pen
Shiloh Baptist Church
Smith - Mumford 1
Smith 2
Smith 3
St.. Elmo United Methodist Church
Ten Mile
Walnut Grove
Whispering Pines
Wood or  Clint Hill
Unnamed Negro Cemetery

This page only lists Cemeteries in Meigs Co, BUY THE BOOKS as they have much more information at our Gift Shop

Cemeteries, even if on private property are protected. It is against Federal & State Law to harm a grave. Anyone can access to a grave site even if on private property, just ask first and be respectful. Take lots of pictures at different angles and sunlight and maybe even some notes of who was buried near them and inscriptions.

When cleaning a tombstone or laying flowers, be considerate of those generations after you. RINSE WELL Do not use Bleach.  Use soap, water and a soft scrub brush and bring 3-4 Gallons of water for each tombstone as the chemicals take 50 or more years off of the stone; especially marble. Those pock marks you see in the stone, are someone cleaning and not rinsing properly the stone before you or the elements. Rain doesn’t hit the crevices just right. Everything you need can be purchased for less than $8 at the Dollar Store or K-Mart ; Scrub Brush, Sidewalk Chalk, Water, Dish Soap, Sponge. Some cemeteries like Mt. Zion have a small Tupperware box of these supplies on site for your use.

Those Tombstones don't right themselves over the centuries. That Lawn doesn't get mowed by sheep. Look and ask around for those who take care of these inactive or old active cemeteries for the caretakers and PLEASE MAKE A SMALL DONATION. Just ask anyone in town; they will direct you to the right people who perhaps knew your family and can tell you stories you never knew.

Area or Address

E. Dacatur           Pone Valley & Hwy 30
Hwy 60 & 58
Hwy 30 & No Pone Valley Rd
Hwy 30 & No Pone Valley Rd
68 to Euchee Rd & 304 go 3.5 miles
3 Miles N. of Peakland - Destroyed Rock Pile
River Rd, Lankford Farm S. of Big Sewee CK
No Pone Rd Grisham Farm 1 mi so River Rd
Hwy 58,  8 mi S. Decatur on east side
Cottonport Ridge Rd,  4 mi S. Decatur off 58
Birchwood, Hamilton Co
Birchwood, Hamilton Co
Birchwood, 1/4 mi Baptist Church 60 & Daugherty Ferry
On Hiwassee River near Blankenship Hill Ferry Bunker Hill Rd
Mt. Calvary Church Rd off Hyw 30, West of Decatur
Birchwood on Lower River Rd near river
Big Spring Area 14 mi S. Decatur
S. Hwy 30 between Decatur & Washington Ferry on Watson Farm
Hwy 30 to Concord Rd to Lock Rd 3/10 mi from Mt. Calvery Church
Hwy 58 & CR 106, 6 mi N. of Georgetown
Hyw 68 to Ten Mile Rd east side of Hagler Farm
Euchee Rd to Fooshee Rd up 1 mi on Ridge
Hwy 30 W , Rt on Concord 3 miles, near Concord Methodist Church
Hwy 68 to Concord/Redmond Rd 3 miles on Left pass Mt. Zion
Hwy 58 to Hwy 68, West on 68 3 miles on Left
N. of Red Cloud Rd, West of Euchee Rd
60 & 58 to Francisco, West of No Pone Rd , 2.5 mi N. of Mt. Zion 
Hwy 58 to Cottonport Ridge to CR 233
5 mi S. of Decatur off Lamontville Rd
Cox Lane off Hwy 58 S. of Decatur
Euchee Rd 5 Miles
Euchee & River Rd on River
E of Euchee Rd (Gone)
Daniels Farm
Hwy 30 W, N. on Hunter Bend Rd on DeArmond's farm
Hyw 58 on Pickle farm
Hwy 58 2 blocks west of Courthouse in Decatur
Hwy 60 to Defriese Rd at junk yard (Gone)
Left bank of Hiwassee River in Blythe Ferry Wildlife area
S. Hiwassee River, W of 58 on Eastview Rd
Hwy 30 S. Side 5 mi W of Decatur
Ten Mile Rd & Upper Concord Rd
Near Birchwood on left bank of Hiwassee River on Eldridge farm
West side of Hale Hollow Rd 1 mi from Hiwassee River
Hwy 58 just S. of Roane Co Line on Mercer farm
Hwy 30 W to Goodfield Rd
Tennessee River at Watts bar (Gone) see Westview  in Sweetwater
West side of River Rd N. of Sewee Creek
Francisco Rd 1 mi N. of Georgetown
Frazier farm on Tennesee River
1/2 mi E of New Hwy 58 West of Old Hwy 58
Hwy 58 to Centerpoint Rd on Rt
Hiwassee River near Prices Creek (Gone)
Lamontville Rd near Prices Creek
Hwy 58 & Goodfield Rd 1/2 mi
4 mi S. of Decatur and 1/4 mi W of Hwy 58
S. of Decatur, W of 58 on Armstrong Ferry Rd
Pleasant Hill Rd
W of 58, N. of Harden Creek
TN River & E side of Fooshee Bend Rd (Gone)
Left bank of Hiwassee River (Gone)
Goodfield Rd
S. side of Hwy 68, west of 58
1/2 SE of Georgetown
Euchee Rd 304
Near 58 on N. side of Plank Rd
1 mi N. of Aikman Crossroads on hill
Georgetown Rd & Old Hwy 58
N. on Hwy 30 W turn N. on Lower Concord Rd 2 mi
Off Hwy 68 at Hwy 58 in field
N. Hwy 30 W of Decatur RT past Calvary church
Hwy 58 14 mi N. of Decatur
Brittwell Rd 2 mi off Hwy 58
Off West side of Hwy 58 near Keylon Springs 200 yards behind Mitchell House
Boatwater Rd . 7 mi SW of Big Springs
1 mi from Georgetown on Hwy 58 on the Miller Farm  Unmarked graves
Pleasant Hill Rd  in Ten Mile on the Franklin Carter Farm
Goodner Rd North of Eastview, S. of Hiwassee River & West of Inlet of Hwy 58
On Hwy 60. W from Hwy 58, Past Birchwood on Right. 
Agency Creek Rd (Mt. Carmel) 1 mi N. of Lamontville Rd
N. of Decatur, East of Hwy 58 on Old Ten Mile Rd/Bostick Rd 2.5 mi or Ten Mi
Euchee Rd , near Maple Grove Baptist Chruch, 1.5 mi S. of Roane Co Line
Haven't been found Ridge at Dry Fork Valley Rd
7 mi SE of Big Springs across the Rd from Lewis Cem 1 visable grave. 1897
End of Ridge of Blythes Ferry & Tennesse River Near Rhea Co Line.
Hwy 58 N. of Decatur, Left /West on 68.  2 mi turn Lt.  1/2 mi off Rd.
Hwy 58 4 mi N. of Decatur. Next to Stewart Cemetery
Lamontville Rd behind Mt Carmel Methodist Church 1/4 mi east of Hwy 58
Cottonport Rd 3-1/2 mi NW of Hwy 58
W of Hwy 58 8 Mi N. of Decatur on Tom Shearmans's/Miss Edna's place So of Pleasant Hill Rd
I-75 exit 60 to Hwy W 68, 6 mi to Upper Concord Rd on Rt, 1.5 mi to 1st Rt Mt Zion
2 mi N. of Georgetown up Hwy 58 to Neeley Farm turn Rd.  1 mile up.
9 mi N. Decatur on 58 N to W Hwy 68, 4 mi Tr, 2 mi near Oak Grove Methodist Ch
N. of Decatur on Hwy 58 North to Center Point Rd turn Left
Hornsby Tract E. side of TN River  N. of Hwy  68
No Pone Valley Rd on Fergurson Farm. before Roberts Rd & Pleasant Hill
6mi N. of Decatur.  Rt on Center Pt Rd on Denton Farm near Pisgah Baptist Church
N. off Dectaur up on  Hwy 58 Past 68  on Pleasant Hill Rd Near Nebo Rd
S. of Decatur on Hwy 58, turn LT 2 mi on No Pone Rd, LT  Riceville Rd , 4.5 mi SE  58
58 to Womac Hollow Rd & turn Left.  1.5 miles into the  woods.  1 Davis Grave
Hwy 30 West of Decatur.  1.5 mi past Concord Rd on So side of Hwy
7 mi NW Big Springs on Thomas Powell Farm . S. of Tucker Rd & N. of Hiwassee River
Hwy 58 to N. from Hwy 68 to Right on Ten Mile Rd & 1st Rt  S. for 1.5 Mi on left.
1/2 mi off Euchee Rd, 1st Left Rd just past Maple Grove Rd  AT/ North of the Roane Co. Line.
Euchee & 58 & 68 & Butler Cemerery
Hwy 58 N. to Ten Mile Rd in Ten Mile Near Roane & Meigs Border 
Morgan Breedloves' yard in Lakeside with only sinkholes along fence line and 3 now known graves
Hwy 58 N. to Nebo Rd in Ten Mile,  Lt at Y to Pleasant Hill Rd , second Older cemetery, on Left.
OLD Hwy 68 to CR 304 near Rocky Springs Methodist Church
Way S. of Decatur.   58 So. to Big Springs & Calhoun Rd Take Lt.   Near River & Inlet on Left.
Cottonport on Roberts Farm.
Northern Meigs Co , near Ziegler's Mill
Hwy 75, ext 60, Hwy 68 W,  8 Mi to Hwy 58 N.,  RT to Little Eqypt Rd, 1 mi East by Sewee Creek.
Was Located prior to Chickamoung Dam at Ethel Sherrill Tract near TN River & Hiwassee River.
Hwy S. from Decatur to Shiloh Rd 2 miles in.
Hwy 58 N. to Hwy 68 East to the Don Layman Farm.
Hwy 30 to 1/3 mile off Hunter Bend Rd near Calico Community on Parkeson Farm
Hwy 30 West of Decatur in Lower Concord 1/5 mi NE of Washington Ferry & Hwy 30
Grant Farm N. of Hwy 68.    2 unmarked African-American graves
2 mi East of Georgetown on Francisco Rd & 1/2 mi E of Mt Zion Rd in Bradley Co.
Stewart Farm 1/2 mi N. of Decatur on East side of Hwy 58
Rivermeet Farm on Armstrong Ferry Rd 12 mi S. of Decatur
Burn Farm W of Deactur & N. of Hwy 30 on top of the ridge. 
Hwy 58 to Ten Mile Rd to Ten Mile Baptist Church across the road, no evidence exists today.
N. of Hwy 30 on No Pone Valley Rd
Was located on Tennessee River 2 graves moved ot Hornsby Chapel Cem by TVA
Culvahouse Farm 17 mi N. of Decatur on Euchee Rd (CR 304) 200 yards off rd
Left bank of Hiwassee River, 400 feet from Bunker Hill Ferry Rd in woods aban. 1860, 3 graves
No Pone Valley Rd near Walnut Grove Church.
Bostic property, NE of Ten Mile Rock Crusher 1/4 Way up Knob on N. side of the fence line.
Gregory property  Ten Mile Rd, in Ten Mile 3/4 mi above Ten Mile Stone Co
S. of Decatur on Hwy 58 x the Hiwassee River  turn Rt of 1st Rd 1/3 mi on left in woods past hse
In woods near the old Armstrong Ferry
N. of Decatur.  Hwy 68 to Euchee Rd to Red Cloud Rd Left end of ridge 300 W of end of R.C. Rd

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